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Central venous access

The Primary () and Final () FRCA examinations require an extensive knowledge of intravenous access. We have therefore written a new educational resource section on Central venous cannulation. The tutorials have been tailored to the FRCA syllabus and we have also added some past questions relevant to these topics.

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Primary FRCA Syllabus


 The techniques of venous access…


Cannulation of major vessels for resuscitation and monitoring

Q. Primary viva: what routes are you aware of for gaining central venous access? What are the complications? Describe the anatomy of the Subclavian vein, describe your technique.


Final FRCA Syllabus

Intensive Care Medicine

 Candidates must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of practical invasive procedures, with an understanding of the principles and hazards involved…

Q. SAQ October 2001: Discuss briefly the complications of placing a jugular central venous line. Where should the tip of a left internal jugular line lie and why?

Pages in this section

Routes for central venous cannulation
The Seldinger Technique-flash animation
Cannulation of the internal jugular vein
Cannulation of the subclavian vein
Cannulation of the femoral vein
Cannulation of the external jugular vein
Cannulation of the antecubital veins
The central venous pressure
The central venous pressure trace
Catheter sepsis
Flow rates and lumen size


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