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Canadian Journal of Anesthesia reviews AnaesthesiaUK

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Canadian Journal of Anesthesia 51:952 (2004)
© Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society, 2004

Book & New Media Reviews

Web Site Review:

D. John Doyle, MD PhD FRCPC
Cleveland, Ohio is a medical education Web site providing training resources for anesthesia professionals, especially for English-speaking trainees in Europe. Although the focus is on the UK Primary FRCA, UK Final FRCA and the Irish FCARCSI examinations, the site provides didactic articles and practice questions that individuals in all countries will find useful.

In the "Journal Alerting" section of the site one can view summaries of selected recent papers. In most cases, a PubMed (MEDLINE) link to the article is also provided.
In the "Clinical" section of the site one can view brief didactic summaries on a large variety of clinical topics. Some of the materials offered are animations, such as Flash animations of gas flow occurring in anesthesia breathing circuits.

The "Exams" section provides resources specifically directed at FRCA and FCARCSI examination candidates. Nevertheless, these will be of considerable value to examination candidates anywhere in the world.

Other sections include a discussion forum, information on anesthesia books, resources for handheld computer users, information on getting a job, a site map, and much more.
Most of the site resources are available without registration; however, registration is required if you wish to participate in the online examination section. Since the registration process requires that one submit one’s "GMC number," viewers outside the UK who wish to explore this feature should contact the site via the e-mail feedback section and access will be organized.

AnaesthesiaUK is one of the relatively few anesthesia sites that have been certified to meet the requirements of the "Health on the Net" code ( It is supported by advertising and is endorsed by The Royal College of Anaesthetists, The Irish College of Anaesthetists and The Intensive Care Society.
Overall this is a very professional site that deserves special commendation. Very highly recommended.



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