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Pharmacology MCQ Bank 9

Created: 14/2/2006

1. Nifedipine:

a) causes tachycardia
b) causes tremor
c) causes hypoglycaemia
d) can be given sublingually
e) dilates skeletal muscle arterioles

2. Tetracycline:

a) may be hepatotoxic in large doses
b) is extensively metabolised
c) is contraindicated in pregnancy
d) potentiates non-depolarising muscle relaxants
e) absorption is decreased by magnesium trisilicate

3. Neostigmine:

a) is eliminated entirely by the liver
b) causes foetal bradycardia when given to a pregnant woman
c) causes miosis
d) is a quaternary ammonium compound

4. The following drugs readily cross the placenta:

a) atracurium
b) lidocaine
c) bupivacaine
d) neostigmine
e) propranolol

5. In acute intermittent porphyria, the following, drugs may be safely used:

a) etomidate
b) ketamine
c) midazolam
d) pethidine
e) cotrimoxazole



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