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Pharmacology MCQ Bank 8

Created: 14/2/2006

16. Low plasma cholinesterase activity:

a) is related to the patient's blood group
b) has no effect on the action of decamethonium
c) occurs with organophosphorus poisoning
d) prolongs the action of esmolol
e) occurs in malnutrition

17. Sulphonylureas:

a) acts by increasing insulin release
b) tends to produce weight loss
c) is suitable for use in pregnancy
d) is effective in correcting ketoacidosis
e) can produce hypoglycaemia

18. Side-effects of hydralazine include:

a) tachycardia
b) impotence 
c) constipation
d) systemic lupus erythematosus
e) bronchoconstriction

19. The following are measures of scatter in statistical analysis:

a) mean
b) standard error of the mean
c) standard deviation
d) range
e) p of less than 0.5

20. Statistical tests are used to:

a) eliminate observer bias
b) eliminate placebo effect
c) show that results are true
d) show that the results did not occur by chance
e) show that the results are clinically significant




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