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Pharmacology MCQ Bank 7

Created: 14/2/2006

11. The following may be used in the treatment of digoxin toxicity:

a) propranolol
b) lidocaine
c) phenytoin
d) calcium
e) potassium

12. Dobutamine:

a) is structurally similar to isoprenaline
b) activates adenyl cyclase
c) has a selective action on beta-1 adrenoreceptors
d) has a half-life of 2 minutes 
e) increases the left ventricular end-diastolic pressure

13. Organophosphorus anticholinesterases:

a) have an irreversible action
b) phosphorylate cholinesterase
c) can have their action reversed in the early stages by atropine
d) are readily absorbed through the skin

14. The following factors encourage passage of a substance across the cell membrane:

a) high lipid solubility
b) low concentration gradient
c) high molecular weight
d) negative hydrostatic pressure
e) high degree of ionisation

15. Amitriptyline in overdose causes:

a) cardiac arrhythmias
b) hypotension
c) restlessness
d) metabolic acidosis
e) jaundice




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