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Pharmacology MCQ Bank 5

Created: 3/11/2005

1. The following act by blocking cholinergic receptors:

a) trimetaphan
b) hexamethonium
c) ouabain
d) benzhexol
e) physostigmine

2. Esmolol:

a) has a negative inotropic effect
b) has no intrinsic sympathomimetic activity
c) causes a dose-dependent fall in heart rate
d) increases airways resistance
e) may prolong the duration of action of suxamethonium

3. Enflurane:

a) is a halogenated methyl-ethyl ether
b) has a blood/gas solubility coefficient of 1.43
c) lowers intracranial pressure
d) increases the tone of the pregnant uterus
e) causes a decrease in systemic vascular resistance

4. Morphine:

a) causes histamine release
b) has no active metabolites
c) undergoes extensive first-pass hepatic metabolism
d) has an elimination half-life of 3-4 hours
e) may be antagonised by pentazocine

5. Uterine tone is:

a) increased by ketamine
b) decreased by halothane
c) increased by beta-2 antagonists
d) unaffected by suxamethonium
e) decreased by nifedipine




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