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Pharmacology MCQ Bank 3

Created: 21/10/2005

11. The following affect gastric emptying:

a) diamorphine
b) diazepam,
c) metoclopramide
d) cisapride
e) omeprazole

12. Chlorpromazine:

a) can cause dystonic reactions
b) antagonises apomorphine-induced vomiting
c) is a dopamine antagonist at the chemoreceptor trigger zone
d) is a weak alpha-adrenergic agonist
e) undergoes extensive first-pass metabolism

13. Alfentanil:

a) is less lipid soluble than fentanyl
b) relaxes the sphincter of Oddi
c) has active metabolites
d) has a large volume of distribution
e) causes analgesia without sedation

14. Folic acid metabolism is impaired by:

a) nitrous oxide
b) sodium nitroprusside
c) sulphonamides
d) penicillin 
e) trimethoprim

15. Significant agonist activity at opioid receptors occurs with:

a) clonidine 
b) pentazocine
c) buprenorphine
d) ketamine (Ketamine has antagonist activity at µ opioid receptors, but agonist activity at d and ? receptors)
e) naloxone




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