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Pharmacology MCQ Bank 2

Created: 21/10/2005

6. Hydralazine:
a) is metabolised by acetylation
b) is destroyed by plasma cholinesterase
c) can cause a lupus-like syndrome
d) stimulates the baroreceptor reflex
e) is contraindicated in pregnancy

7. The following are prodrugs:

a) suxamethonium
b) diamorphine
c) captopril
d) paracetamol
e) enalapril

8. The following drugs penetrate the blood-brain barrier:

a) physostigmine
b) dopamine
c) propranolol
d) glycopyrrolate
e) noradrenaline
9. Naloxone:

a) is an agonist at kappa receptors
b) is an antagonist at mu receptors
c) reverses ventilatory depression due to morphine
d) may precipitate opiate withdrawal symptoms
e) may cause pulmonary oedema
10. The following are precursors of adrenaline:

a) tyrosine
b) phenylalanine
c) dopamine
d) isoprenaline
e) noradrenaline




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