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Physiology MCQ Bank 18

Created: 6/7/2004
1. The following lead to an increase in insulin secretion:

a) glucagon
b) adrenaline
c) growth hormone
d) starvation
e) major trauma

2. Adenyl cyclase:

a) increases the conversion of ATP to cyclic AMP
b) is closely linked to alpha- and beta-adrenergic receptors
c) is inhibited by aminophylline
d) release is triggered by cyclic AMP
e) acts at a mitochondrial level

3. Surfactant:

a) contains phospholipids
b) prevents oedema formation in the alveolar wall
c) reduces surface tension by approximately 30%
d) produces a monomolecular layer
e) stabilises the size of an alveolus

4. The oxyhaemoglobin dissociation curve is shifted to the left by:

a) an increase in arterial PCO2
b) acidosis
c) chronic anaemia
d) carbon monoxide
e) a fall in temperature

5. In the adult, growth hormone stimulates:

a) glucose uptake into cells
b) calcium absorption from the gut
c) protein synthesis
d) fat synthesis
e) bone growth



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