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Physiology MCQ Bank 17

Created: 6/7/2004
1. In the healthy heart, an increase in stroke volume is seen with an increase in:

a) dP/dT
b) aortic systolic pressure
c) left ventricular end-diastolic volume
d) left ventricular end-systolic pressure
e) heart rate

2. The a-wave of the central venous pressure waveform:

a) is caused by atrial contraction
b) is not seen in atrial fibrillation
c) is caused by atrial filling during ventricular contraction
d) decreases with inspiration
e) is followed by the v-wave

3. In the electrocardiogram, the:

a) P-R interval is equivalent to the A-V nodal conduction time
b) T-wave is equivalent to ventricular repolarisation
c) Q-T interval is equivalent to the duration of ventricular contraction
d) U-wave represents sinoatrial node repolarisation
e) duration of a normal P-wave is 0.2 seconds

4. Ptosis results from:

a) parasympathetic block
b) sympathetic block
c) facial nerve block
d) trigeminal nerve block
e) oculomotor nerve block

5. The following are precursors of adrenaline:

a) tyrosine
b) phenylalanine
c) noradrenaline
d) dopamine
e) isoprenaline




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