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Physiology MCQ Bank 16

Created: 24/5/2006
1. On ascending to an altitude of 6000m, changes include:

a) an increase in minute volume
b) an initial increase in plasma pH
c) a rise in urine pH
d) a fall in arterial PO2
e) an increase in cerebral blood flow

2. Transferrin is:

a) involved in iron uptake by the gut mucosa
b) involved in iron transport across the gut mucosa
c) involved in iron transport to muscle
d) involved in iron transport to storage sites
e) normally only 35% saturated with iron

3. Breathing 100% oxygen at atmospheric pressure for a prolonged period causes:

a) retrosternal pain
b) dizziness
c) auditory disturbances
d) convulsions
e) atelectasis

4. The following transfusions will lead to agglutination:
  Donor Recipient
a) B O
b) AB A
c) B AB
d) O AB
e) AB O

5. Chemoreceptors in the arterial system:

a) have a higher rate of oxygen consumption per gram than brain tissue
b) respond to changes in oxygen tension and not content
c) respond to changes in pH
d) conduct afferent information via the glossopharyngeal and vagus nerves
e) are found in the carotid sinus



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