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Physiology MCQ Bank 15

Created: 18/5/2006
1. In normal cerebrospinal fluid, the:

a) chloride concentration is higher than in blood
b) glucose concentration is the same as in plasma
c) PCO2 is higher than in mixed venous blood
d) pH is the same as in arterial blood
e) bicarbonate concentration is the same as in arterial blood

2. When breathing out against a closed glottis, the:

a) intratracheal pressure rises
b) heart rate slows transiently
c) right ventricular output increases
d) left ventricular output has a sustained increase
e) systolic arterial pressure falls then rises

3. Changing position from standing to supine:

a) increases stroke volume
b) increases baroreceptor activity
c) increases the pulmonary blood volume
d) decreases leg vein pressure
e) decreases the heart rate

4. Vagal stimulation produces:

a) a fall in heart rate
b) an increase in atrial contractility
c) an increase in ventricular contractility
d) slowing of A-V conduction
e) a fall in stroke volume

5. The following are representative of myocardial afterload:

a) mean aortic pressure
b) mean pulmonary artery pressure
c) left ventricular end-diastolic volume
d) left ventricular end-diastolic pressure
e) the rate of rise of left ventricular pressure



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