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Physiology MCQ Bank 13

Created: 9/6/2006
1. The following are secreted from the adrenal cortex:

a) testosterone
b) aldosterone
c) angiotensin
d) noradrenaline
e) deoxycorticosterone

2. Aldosterone:

a) secretion increases in response to a fall in blood volume
b) is a polypeptide
c) produces an increase in renal arterial pressure
d) produces a fall in urine volume
e) increases the reabsorption of sodium

3. Cerebrospinal fluid:

a) is actively secreted by the choroid plexus
b) is the major nutrition source of the brain
c) has the same pH as arterial blood
d) contains virtually no glucose
e) has a higher chloride level than plasma

4. Red blood cell production:

a) increases during acclimatisation to altitude
b) can occur in the spleen
c) is dependent on normal gastric secretory activity
d) is stimulated by hypercarbia
e) is dependent on ervthropoietin

5. Bile:

a) salts contribute to the solubility of cholesterol in the bile
b) contains bilirubin mainly in the unconjugated form
c) contributes more than pancreatic secretion to the neutralisation of acid from the stomach
d) becomes more alkaline following concentration in the gall bladder
e) is produced at a rate of approximately 2000 ml/day



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