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Physiology MCQ Bank 10

Created: 15/7/2004
6. The blood-brain barrier:

a) results in certain molecules in the blood taking longer to equilibrate with tissue fluid in the brain than with tissue fluid elsewhere
b) permits CO2 to pass freely
c) is more permeable to water-soluble substances than fat-soluble substances
d) is more permeable in neonates than in adults 
e) is readily crossed by dopamine

7. A reflex action:

a) may be carried out by skeletal, smooth or cardiac muscle or by glands
b) is not influenced by higher centres in the brain
c) results from activity in at least two central nervous synapses in series
d) may involve simultaneous contraction of some skeletal muscles and relaxation of others
e) can be monosynaptic or polysynaptic

8. Platelets:

a) are produced in the bone marrow
b) increase in number after tissue damage
c) have a small nucleus
d) alter their shape when they make contact with collagen
e) are activated by ADP and thrombin

9. The pressure:

a) drop across the major veins is similar to that across the major arteries
b) drop across the hepatic portal bed is similar to that across the splenic vascular bed
c) in the hepatic portal vein is higher than that in the inferior vena cava
d) drop across the vascular bed in the foot is greater when standing than when lying down
e) drop across the pulmonary circulation is the same as across the systemic circulation

10. Athletes differ from normal individuals in having:

a) a higher resting cardiac output
b) a higher resting heart rate
c) a decreased muscle mass
d) a higher maximum oxygen consumption
e) increased muscular efficiency at high blood lactate levels



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