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Physiology MCQ Bank 9

Created: 8/6/2006

1. Adrenaline

a) is secreted by the adrenal cortex
b) decreases systemic vascular resistance at low doses
c) decreases pulmonary vascular resistance
d) constricts the pupil
e) acts only at beta-1 receptors

2. A typical mammalian motor neurone:

a) innervates only one skeletal muscle cell
b) is myelinated
c) has its cell body in the ventral (anterior) horn of the spinal cord
d) might receive an input directly from Group Ia afferent fibres in the spinal cord
e) would be stimulated by application of glycine to its cell body

3. The vagus nerve:

a) has little direct effect on the strength of ventricular contraction
b) contains afferent and efferent fibres
c) contains parasympathetic post-ganglionic fibres
d) contains fibres which regulate gastric acid secretion
e) has a role in bladder emptying

4. Vital capacity:

a) is the volume of air expired from full inspiration to full expiration
b) increases gradually with age in adults
c) is greater in men than in women of similar age and height
d) is equal to the sum of the inspiratory and expiratory reserve volumes
e) may be measured by spirometry

5. Hyperventilation in a normal subject for 24 hours will produce a:

a) fall in PaCO2
b) rise in PaCO2
c) rise in ionised calcium
d) fall in cerebrospinal fluid bicarbonate
e) rise in plasma bicarbonate



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