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Physiology MCQ Bank 7

Created: 13/7/2004

11. Total plasma calcium:

a) increases with phosphate
b) increases with a rise in albumin,
c) changes its degree of ionisation with pH changes
d) is decreased in osteoporosis
e) is affected by vitamin D

12. There is increased intestinal motility with:

a) increased intraluminal pressure
b) anticholinesterase drugs
c) sympathetic block to T4
d) stimulation of the splanchnic nerves
e) increased circulating adrenaline

13. A healthy adult breathing an FIO2 of 0.1 will:

a) have a decreased cardiac output
b) have a normal PaO2
c) have a changed alveolar PCO2
d) have an unchanged respiratory rate
e) initially have a fall in pH

14. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter at:

a) sweat glands
b) the adrenal medulla
c) the parotid gland
d) parasympathetic ganglia
e) the neuromuscular junction

15. Insulin:

a) has the same effect on blood sugar as growth hormone
b) inhibits entry of potassium into cells
c) facilitates protein anabolism
d) increases deposition of fats
e) secretion is affected by catecholamines



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