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Physiology MCQ Bank 6

Created: 13/7/2004

6. Surfactant:

a) is a mucopolypeptide
b) causes a decrease in surface tension
c) results in the same surface tension for different sized alveoli
d) causes an increase in compliance
e) production is reduced after a prolonged reduction in pulmonary blood flow

7. Sinus arrhythmia:

a) produces a lengthening of the P-R interval
b) produces a lengthening of the R-R interval
c) is maximal with breath holding
d) is more marked during exercise
e) is more marked in 70 year olds than in 20 year olds

8. A pressure-volume curve can be used for measuring:

a) the work of breathing
b) functional residual capacity
c) anatomical dead space
d) compliance
e) respiratory quotient

9. The absolute refractory period for cardiac muscle is:

a) as long as the entire action potential
b) the period when no further action potential can be stimulated
c) twice the length of the S-T interval
d) as long as the mechanical contraction
e) shorter for pacemaker tissue than for normal cardiac muscle

10. In a young normal adult:

a) the glomerular filtration rate is approximately 125 ml/min
b) the 24 hour urine creatinine content is approximately 800 mg
c) urine specific gravity is always less than 1000
d) renal blood flow is approximately 20% of cardiac output
e) over 50% of water reabsorption from the glomerular filtrate occurs in the collecting ducts



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