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Physiology MCQ Bank 3

Created: 14/2/2006

11. The following cause a decrease in the arterial partial pressure of oxygen:

a) anaemia
b) carbon monoxide
c) hyperventilation
d) a rise in physiological dead-space
e) old age

12. Iron absorption is dependent on:

a) total body vitamin C
b) HCl in the stomach
c) an intact colonic mucosa
d) total body iron
e) erythropoietin levels in the blood

13. If a normal person hyperventilates for 2 hours to an arterial PCO2 of 4 kPa:

a) the cerebral blood flow decreases
b) the standard bicarbonate decreases
c) the Hb-oxygen dissociation curve shifts to the left
d) the ionised calcium concentration decreases
e) the plasma bicarbonate increases

14. Hypoglycaemia may result from:

a) excessive insulin secretion
b) alpha-adrenergic stimulation
c) beta-adrenergic stimulation
d) glucagon secretion
e) hypothermia

15. Ingested lipid:

a) is important in prostaglandin synthesis
b) increases in the faeces with a decrease in bile secretion
c) is absorbed via the intestinal lymphatics
d) is mainly in the form of triglycerides
e) can be used as a source of ATP production



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