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Beriplex P/N dose calculation app

Created: 3/9/2012
Updated: 3/9/2012

Beriplex P/N Dosing Calculator App

CSL Behring UK Ltd have launched the Beriplex P/N Dosing Calculator App. The mobile app, for use on smart phones, is designed to assist healthcare professionals with dosage calculation when administering its product Beriplex P/N (human prothrombin complex concentrate).

The mobile app, available on both iPhone and Android™ handsets, will calculate the correct dose and volume of Beriplex P/N to be infused based upon entry of only two key pieces of information: the patient’s weight and their initial INR. Users then simply tap calculate to obtain the dose required. This is important for healthcare professionals in cases where information is needed quickly in order to make effective, timely decisions, such as in an emergency setting.

Research indicates a high level of smart phone usage amongst healthcare professionals in the UK. 82% of healthcare professionals own a smart phone and 88% use them to communicate with other colleagues at work. 59% use their device for accessing information on the internet or intranet and 30% use work related software apps. The new Beriplex P/N Dosing Calculator App supports this growing trend by providing fast, accurate, and easy to obtain dosage information to healthcare professionals when time is of the essence.

Commenting on the new app Eddie Owens, General Manager, CSL Behring UK Ltd said: “We see that healthcare professionals are clearly using mobile technology to access health information and for us to engage with this growing target audience, we need to be present in this medium. The new Beriplex P/N Dosing Calculator App aims to meet the demand that healthcare professionals have to access sound medical data from anywhere and at anytime.”

Healthcare professionals have several ways to download and install the new Beriplex P/N Dosing Calculator App for free onto their device:

Directly from the phone
Going online to the iTunes™ store at:  

Visiting Google Play at:  

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