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Pharmacology MCQ Bank 11

Created: 29/6/2004
11. Atropine:

a) increases gut motility
b) is a mixture of d- and l-isomers
c) is equipotent with hyoscine
d) can cause bradycardia
e) crosses the blood-brain barrier

12. Beclomethasone:

a) can be given by aerosol inhaler 
b) can cause candidiasis
c) is a fludrocortisone
d) increases the circulating cortisol concentration
e) is a bronchodilator

13. Dopamine receptor antagonists:

a) increase heart rate
b) are antiemetics
c) cause hypertension 
d) cause extrapyramidal side-effects
e) increase lower oesophageal sphincter tone

14. The volume of stomach contents is reduced by:

a) sodium citrate
b) metoclopramide
c) cimetidine
d) atropine
e) pyridostigmine

15. The following drugs relax the pregnant uterus:

a) salbutamol
b) propranolol
c) noradrenaline
d) acetylcholine
e) dopamine



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