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Oral case 38

Created: 4/10/2004

Complication of regional anesthesia

A 35-year old man loses consciousness after you do an interscalene block with 30 ml of tetracaine.

1. What is your differential diagnosis?

2. What is your management?

High inspired CO2

You are anesthetizing a 48-year old man for an anterior cervical discectomy. After intubation, with the patient on mechanical ventilation, you notice that the mass spectrometer is reading a high-inspired CO2.

1. What steps do you take in diagnosis?

2. What steps do you take in management?

Fluid therapy for a patient with an intracranial tumor

1. What is your choice of fluid for an adult? Explain your rationale.

2. What rate of administration would you use?

3. Is hypertonic saline appropriate? Why or why not?

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