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Oral case 10

Created: 11/1/2005

Temperature correction of arterial blood gases

A patient is brought to the intensive care unit after a near drowning. His body temperature is 31 degrees C. Initial uncorrected arterial blood gases: paO2 100 mmHg, paCO2 40 mmHg, pH 7.40. Corrected values: paO2 77 mm Hg, paCO2 31, pH 7.49.

1. Which set of values should be used to determine the ventilator settings?

2. Is it important to hyperventilate patients after near drowning? Why or why not?

Complications of intravenous regional anesthesia

The arm tourniquet accidentally deflates 2 minutes after you inject 40 ml of 1% lidocaine for an intravenous regional block.

1. For what will you be evaluating the patient?

2. How will you manage any complications?

Postoperative coronary artery bypass graft surgery with cardiac tamponade

A 65-year old man is 24 hours postoperative. His blood pressure has dropped to 80/60 mmHg, his pulse is 110 bpm. He is to return to the operating room for mediastinal exploration.

1. How would you induce anesthesia?

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