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Pharmacology MCQ Bank 10

Created: 14/2/2006

6. The following drugs are mainly eliminated from the body by hepatic metabolism:

a) isoflurane
b) morphine
c) atracurium
d) suxamethonium
e) dopamine

7. The following have an elimination half-life of greater than 24 hours:

a) diazepam
b) midazolam
c) methadone
d) gelofusine
e) hydroxyethyl starch

8. Phenytoin:

a) shows first-order elimination kinetics
b) induces enzymes
c) causes hypotension
d) causes vitamin B2 deficiency
e) has a half-life of about 4 hours

9. L-dopa:

a) is more lipid soluble than dopamine
b) may produce postural hypotension
c) may cause nausea
d) may cause abnormal movements
e) is ineffective via the oral route

10. Toxicity from hyperbaric oxygen therapy can cause:

a) painful joints
b) pulmonary oedema
c) acute tubular necrosis
d) convulsions
e) bradycardia




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