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Ultimate Board Prep

What is the Ultimate Board Prep?

The Ultimate Board Prep is a program of preparation for one of the most stressful events in your life...the Anesthesia Oral Boards. The Written Boards can be difficult, and there is certainly some stress involved, given the importance of passing the exam. But, at this point in your career, how many multiple choice tests have you taken? On the other hand, how many times have you sat in front of two board examiners (who may have authored a text book or two) and attempted to propose and defend an anesthetic plan in a clear and concise manner?

There is a unique set of skills required to walk out of that second room of the oral board exam confident that you passed. Unfortunately, most candidates prepare for the orals the same way they prepared for the written exam. They spend countless hours building and reinforcing their knowledge of anesthesia and do very little to develop the other areas of emphasis on the oral boards (judgment, adaptability, communication, etc.). Do some of these people pass the exam? Yes. Do some of them fail despite a more than adequate fund of knowledge and intense study prior to the exam? Unfortunately, yes.

Our course is designed to help candidates develop the skills they need to master the anesthesia oral board examination. Developing these skills will serve to reduce your stress, increase your confidence, greatly enhance your chances of passing the exam and, ultimately, make you a better anesthesiologist.  

Where do the UBP mock orals come from?

All questions used during the course are written by Drs. George and Smith. The questions are designed to cover the most relevant material, while at the same time, placing our clients in some of the most challenging situations encountered in private practice and/or oral board exam rooms. Therefore, UBP questions tend to be on the more difficult end of the spectrum when compared to the actual ABA board questions (which vary widely in level of difficulty). This is based on our philosophy of preparing our clients to excel even when presented with the most challenging clinical scenario by the most aggressive examiner.


The Ultimate Board Prep is a program of preparation the Anesthesia Oral Board examinations. Click the banner to access the resources.

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