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The advanced simulator for training in emergencies

SimMan® is a portable and advanced patient simulator for team training. SimMan® has realistic anatomy and clinical functionality. SimMan® provides simulation-based education to challenge and test students’ clinical and decision-making skills during realistic patient care scenarios. SimMan® includes well-proven software and an interactive technologically advanced manikin allowing learners to practice the emergency treatment of patients.

- SimMan with new manikin features (PDF)
- Upgrade your SimMan with new monitor and software features (PDF)

Product benefits:

  • Educational effectiveness - through providing highly realistic patient simulation training experiences for the practise of teamwork, leadership and communication skills.
  • Multi function use - facilitates training of a wide range of health care professionals encompassing all areas of patient care.
  • Cost efficient- robust and dependable for long term durability and cost efficiency.
  • Practise uncommon scenarios - practise in training the unusual cases that learner may face in real life.
  • Easy to operate and control – gives flexibility in using the simulator by several instructors in your education program.
  • Anatomically realistic - enabling a wide range of emergency medical interventions to be practised.
  • Logistically convenient and portable with quick and easy assembly and disassembly.

Product features:

  • Full scale patient simulator which allows you to perform relevant ALS skills and scenarios.
  • Interactive manikin which gives you immediate feedback to interventions.
  • Simulated patient monitor with touch-screen technology including the possibility to configure your layout and content to mach your simulation environment.
  • SimMan software comes with pre-programmed scenarios, instructors can also design and save their own patient cases.
  • Trend curves on instructor’s panel control how the physiological parameters will change over time, and multiple trends can be run simultaneously with their effects added together.
  • Simulator utilises software generating automatic debriefing, based on the event log synchronized with video pictures, which provide immediate, detailed feedback on performance to learners.
  • Patented airway system allows accurate simulation of all relevant difficult airway management scenarios.
  • Realistic practise of chest tube insertion
  • Needle and surgical cricothyrotomy
  • Bronchial tree is anatomically accurate in size, colour and texture and features the accurate anatomical landmarks necessary to facilitate realistic fiberoptic bronchoscopy.

SimMan® Software:

  • Simulated patient monitor with touch-screen technology
  • Simulated patient monitor can provide snap shot of x-ray, 12-lead ECG and trends.
  • SimMan software comes with pre-programmed scenarios; instructors can also design and save their own patient cases
  • Event handlers allow user to create automatic responses
    to actions performed by students
  • Trend curves on instructor’s panel control how the physiological parameters will change over time
  • Multiple trends can be run simultaneously with their effects
    added together
  • Integrated video debriefing system combining event log with synchronized recordings of patient monitor and in-room video.
  • User entered comments can be automatically added to the log
    to aid in evaluation of performance during debriefing
  • Scenarios can also generate automatic comments in the log

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