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Pharmacology MCQ Bank 0

Created: 29/7/2005


1. Cimetidine:

a) lowers plasma creatinine
b) prolongs the prothrombin time
c) hastens gastric emptying
d) may potentiate the action of warfarin
e) may impair cardiac conduction

2. Acute intermittent porphyria:

a) is exacerbated by digoxin
b) is precipitated by sulphonamides
c) is precipitated by ethyl alcohol
d) is treated by parenteral lidocaine
e) contraindicates the use of thiopentone

3. The following are features of digoxin toxicity:

a) headache
b) nausea
c) abdominal pain
d) convulsions
e) coupled beats

4. Lidocaine can cause:

a) sedation
b) convulsions
c) slowed A-V conduction
d) prolongation of the cardiac action potential
e) shortening of the refractory phase

5. Features of severe aspirin overdose include:

a) tinnitus
b) metabolic acidosis
c) a reduction in the platelet count
d) haemolysis
e) hyperventilation

6. Atropine antagonises the action of:

a) some of the effects of morphine
b) acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction
c) acetylcholine at sweat glands
d) trimetaphan at the autonomic ganglia
e) pilocarpine on the pupil

7. Toxic effects of sodium nitroprusside:

a) are not related to dose
b) are due to cyanide ions
c) are due to thiocyanate
d) are due to liver rhodanese
e) may be treated with vitamin B12

8. Pethidine:

a) causes less miosis than morphine
b) is metabolised to active substances with analgesic properties
c) has a longer duration of action than morphine
d) possesses atropine-like activity
e) has some local anaesthetic activity

9. The following are useful in the suppression of ventricular ectopic beats:

a) digoxin
b) amiodarone
c) mexiletine
d) verapamil
e) bretylium

10. The following act directly on vascular smooth muscle by altering calcium transport:

a) nicardipine
b) sodium nitroprusside
c) hydralazine
d) bendrofluazide
c) dantrolene

11. Metoclopramide:

a) has an action on gastric emptying opposed by atropine
b) causes prolactin release
c) is a phenothiazine
d) lowers the blood glucose
e) is a dopamine antagonist

12. Otoxicity can follow the administration of:

a) ethacrynic acid
b) gentamicin
c) frusemide
d) cefuroxime
e) streptomycin

13. Poisoning by organophosphorus compounds causes:

a) increased bronchial secretions
b) constipation
c) miosis
d) tetanus
e) tachycardia

14. Phenobarbitone:

a) is used in the treatment of grand mal epilepsy
b) may aggravate petit mal epilepsy
c) can produce skin rashes
d) is rapidly metabolised
e) has its effects terminated by redistribution

15. Testosterone derivatives are:

a) androgenic
b) diabetogenic
c) progestogenic
d) anabolic
e) carcinogenic

16. Buprenorphine:

a) causes little nausea and vomiting
b) has a respiratory depressant action antagonised by naloxone
c) is mostly metabolised in the liver
d) may cause withdrawal symptoms in morphine addicts
e) must be given parenterally

17. The following should not be discontinued abruptly:

a) cimetidine
b) propranolol
c) clonidine
d) amiodarone
e) digoxin

18. Sulphonylureas:

a) are used in maturity-onset diabetes
b) can cause hypoglycaemia
c) are suitable for the treatment of ketoacidosis
d) are an effective treatment for hyperglycaemia following total pancreatectomy
e) can cause lactic acidosis

19. Hyoscine:

a) causes tachycardia
b) causes sedation
c) causes mydriasis
d) is an antiemetic
e) has a weaker antisialagogue effect than atropine

20. Salbutamol can cause:

a) tremor
b) an increase in uterine contractility
c) a worsening of intermittent claudication
d) hypokalaemia
e) tachycardia



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