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Locum work in Anaesthesia

Created: 13/5/2015
Updated: 15/5/2015

Why choose locum work?

There are many reasons why you may choose to work as a locum anaesthetist. Locum work gives you the opportunity to explore career options and new locations, or gain additional experience in a particular sub-specialty - all while still earning money. It can provide temporary employment while you are waiting to start your next permanent job, enable you to work part-time or sometimes it’s simply an opportunity to earn some extra money at the weekends or during your annual leave (perhaps for that new house extension, school fees or a once-in-a-lifetime holiday).

 What are the advantages of locum work?

Earn more money: locums earn higher rates of pay due to the ad-hoc nature of the work (and lack of holiday and sick pay).

Lots of opportunities: demand for locums is high to help cover sickness, maternity leave and holidays as well as providing extra support at peak times, i.e. increased winter pressures. There is always a variety of locum shifts available for you to choose from (from weekend cover to 6 month fixed term positions).

Flexible working:  You get to choose when and where you want to work. If you want to take time off for a holiday or to study, you can find locum jobs to fit round this.

Gain experience: Enhance your clinical knowledge and professional experience by taking best practice from different places.

Variety of work: You workload will vary across different departments, different hospitals and different sub-specialties.

Call 01590 675 111 or click here to contact one of the team at Anaesthetists Agency 

Find your next job with Anaesthetists Agency – supporting anaesthetists to find work for over 20 years

Anaesthetists Agency is the only recruitment agency solely dedicated to finding anaesthetists locum and permanent work in the UK. Benefit from:

  • an experienced recruitment team in your field to support you
  • attractive rates of pay
  • support with training and revalidation
  • access to fantastic locum opportunities nationwide.
  • first pick of the best jobs - priority NHS locum contacts


Plus earn up to £400 towards CPD costs or your annual appraisal arranged and paid for with our CPD loyalty bonus scheme.

  I have only been working with the Anaesthetists Agency for the past 3 months but I found the recruitment process went very smoothly with the appropriate paperwork completed in an efficient manner. Once I became compliant; sufficient and appropriate work for my grade was offered and dealt with smoothly with helpful responses to emails. 

Dr O.J.S

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Call 01590 675 111 or click here to contact one of the team at Anaesthetists Agency 

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