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Primary OSCE 62

Created: 16/3/2012

1. Resuscitation
Following surgery, a patient develops pulseless electrical activity.
- Discuss the pulseless electrical activity algorithm and the reversible causes.

2. Anaesthetic machine check
You are asked to carry out a basic check on a machine with a few obvious faults.

3. Anatomy
Describe the anatomy of the sacro-coccygeal region.
- Describe how to perform a caudal block.
- What are the risks associated with caudal block?
- What are the criteria for discharge?

4. Anatomy
Describe the anatomy of the heart and coronary vessels.

5. Skills
Demonstrate a supraclavicular block on an actor.
- Demonstrate the landmarks for an interscalene block.
- Describe the structure of the brachial plexus, and draw a diagram to illustrate your answer.

4. History taking
Take a history from a patient who has experienced an anaphylactic reaction to suxamethonium. He has previously had a splenectomy, and is a smoker with a cough.

5. History taking
Take a history from a patient who is anaemic, and has had previous intensive care unit admission with chronic renal failure.

6. Communication
Describe a failed intubation drill to new operating department assistant.

7. Data interpretation
You are asked to interpret an ECG showing atrial flutter and asked some questions about the management of this condition.

8. Data interpretation
You are asked to interpret a chest X-ray from a child who has inhaled a foreign body and asked some questions about the initial management of the case. What method of induction of anaesthesia would you use?

9. Data interpretation
You are asked to interpret pulmonary artery traces showing pulmonary artery wedge pressure.

10. Equipment
You are asked to check a kit for rapid sequence induction.
- You are asked about a failed intubation drill.

11. Data interpretation
You are shown a capnography trace and asked to interpret it.
- What are the causes of falling CO2?

12. Equipment
Describe the function of the rotameter.
- What is the shape of the rotameter bobbin?
- What are the equations for laminar flow and turbulent flow?

13. Simulator manikin
Demonstrate the protocol for anaphylaxis.

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