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The Primary ( ) and Final () FRCA examinations require an extensive knowledge of intravenous fluids. We have therefore written a new educational resource regarding fluid therapy. The tutorials have been tailored to the FRCA syllabus.

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Primary FRCA Syllabus

Systematic Pharmacology

Capillary dynamics and interstitial fluid…osmolarity: osmolality, partition of fluids across membranes.. intraoperative fluid therapy…management of massive haemorrhage, volume expansion, blood transfusion   

Final FRCA Syllabus

Applied Clinical Pharmacology

 Kidney and Body Fluids. Disturbances of fluid balance, oedema and dehydration .. 

Tutorials on Intravenous Fluids

Body fluid compartments
Disturbances of volume and concentration of body fluids
Colloid/crystalloid controversy
The albumin controversy
MHRA withdraws starches
Balanced vs unbalanced fluids
Paediatric fluids
Summary of IV fluids composition (mmol/L)


Sponsored with an unrestricted educational grant from Beacon Pharmaceuticals

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