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Primary MCQ 1

Welcome to our section containing Primary FRCA questions. We have split the resources into relevant sections as per the exam format.

Written Exam 

MCQ (90 questions): 30 pharmacology, 30 physiology and biochemistry, 30 physics and clinical measurement.

Primary multiple choice questions

General Primary MCQ 1
General Primary MCQ 2
General Primary MCQ 3
General Primary MCQ 4
General Primary MCQ 5
General Primary MCQ 6
General Primary MCQ 7
General Primary MCQ 8
General Primary MCQ 9
General Primary MCQ 10
General Primary MCQ 11
General Primary MCQ 12


Physiology MCQ Bank 0
Physiology MCQ Bank 1
Physiology MCQ Bank 2
Physiology MCQ Bank 3
Physiology MCQ Bank 4
Physiology MCQ Bank 5
Physiology MCQ Bank 6
Physiology MCQ Bank 7
Physiology MCQ Bank 8
Physiology MCQ Bank 9
Physiology MCQ Bank 10
Physiology MCQ Bank 12
Physiology MCQ Bank 13
Physiology MCQ Bank 14
Physiology MCQ Bank 15
Physiology MCQ Bank 16
Physiology MCQ Bank 17
Physiology MCQ Bank 18


Pharmacology MCQ Bank 0
Pharmacology MCQ Bank 1
Pharmacology MCQ Bank 2
Pharmacology MCQ Bank 3
Pharmacology MCQ Bank 4
Pharmacology MCQ Bank 5
Pharmacology MCQ Bank 6
Pharmacology MCQ Bank 7
Pharmacology MCQ Bank 8
Pharmacology MCQ Bank 9
Pharmacology MCQ Bank 10
Pharmacology MCQ Bank 11
Pharmacology MCQ Bank 12


Cardiovascular MCQs

Guide to the FRCA Examination - The Primary (August 2001)

This publication is available to purchase at £20 (p&p free).  If you would like to purchase a copy please contact the Finance Department at the Royal College of Anaesthetists on ++44 (0)20 7092 1500 with your credit card details.


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