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Syllabus: Primary, Final & FCARCSI

Primary and Final FRCA Examinations Syllabus

The syllabuses for the Primary and Final FRCA Examinations form the 'Knowledge' sections of the relevant Competency Based Training documents, The CCT in Anaesthesia I: SHO Training and Assessment, and The CCT in Anaesthesia II: SpR1/2 Training and Assessment.

It is recommended that candidates use the syllabus for the Primary or Final FRCA to form a road-map during their study period. These may be found on the RCOA website or may be downloaded here. It is often evident during Guidance Interviews for candidates who have failed the exams, that reasons for failure point towards poor study technique, particularly an ability in following the RCOA syllabus when structuring their revision.

Click here to view the competencies

We have retained the former syllabuses used for the Primary and Final FRCA as some trainees find them helpful when preparing for the examination.

 Primary Syllabus- split up into sections according to sections of the syllabus.

"Candidates need 12 months of approved training in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland before they can sit the Primary FRCA examination.No other overseas training is accepted. Evidence of having completed the required training will be needed."

"Candidates may not sit the Primary FRCA examination more than 4 times, and the Final FRCA examination not more than 6 times."

Royal College of Anaesthetists.

 Final Syllabus- split up into sections according to sections of the syllabus.

"Candidates need 30 months of anaesthetic training before they can sit the Final FRCA examination. Up to 12 months only of overseas anaesthetic training can be accepted; at least 18 months must be spent in approved posts in the UK or Republic of Ireland. Evidence of having completed the required training will be needed."

Royal College of Anaesthetists.

 Irish Examination- eligibility criteria  for the Irish FCARCSI exam can be found by clicking here. The syllabus for the Irish FCARCSI exam can be found below. Please note the Irish Final syllabus is identical to the English Final FRCA Syllabus.

ICM Diploma (UK) - Examination Syllabus

Click here to view the ICM Diploma Syllabus

Primary Syllabus

Primary syllabus: Anaesthesia and resuscitation
Primary syllabus: Anatomy
Primary syllabus: Physiology and biochemistry
Primary syllabus: Pharmacology
Primary syllabus: Physics and statistics
New Primary Syllabus

Final Syllabus

Final syllabus: Obstetrics
Final syllabus: ENT
Final syllabus: Orthopaedic
Final syllabus: Trauma
Final syllabus: Ophthalmic
Final syllabus: Day stay
Final syllabus: Regional, cardiac, thoracic and neurosurgical
Final syllabus: Neonatal and other specialised areas
Final syllabus: Applied anatomy and physiology
Final syllabus: Cardiovascular
Final syllabus: Applied clinical pharmacology
Final syllabus: Clinical measurement
Final syllabus: ITU, transport of the critically ill, nutrition and trauma
Final syllabus: Pain management
Final syllabus: Anaesthesia

Irish Syllabus

Irish FCARCSI Examination: a summary
Irish syllabus: Physiology
Irish Syllabus: General pharmacology
Irish Syllabus: Systematic pharmacology
Irish Syllabus: Anatomy & statistics
Irish Syllabus: Physics & measurement
Irish Syllabus: Perioperative medicine & clinical skills

Download complete syllabus (acrobat reader files)

Primary Syllabus
Final Syllabus
Irish Primary Syllabus (large file 412 Kb)

Eligibility criteria for FRCA

Eligibility criteria for FRCA


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