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Medical informatics

Medical Informatics

Computers are integral to everything that is done in the medical world. IT systems form the backbone of many hospitals and provide communication, results and information for healthcare professionals. With the development of the Connecting for Health spine, the integrated patient record may be drawing closer. This will enable many patients to view their medical notes by using a simple web browser much the same as online banking. Medical informatics is a key area to be aware of and be in control of as an anaesthetic healthcare professional.

This section aims to highlight the important areas in medical informatics and provides useful tutorials, as well as links to external sites that are of use in both gaining and maintaining skills in this changing area.

Informatics tutorials

A backup plan
Accessories for PDAs
Anaesthesia related software
Dealing with spam mail
How to use the AUK search facility
How to get the logbook on your Handheld
Recommended PDAs
RSS feeds

Informatics news

Google can help doctors diagnose difficult cases
Help patients understand their new health records, BMA urges doctors
NHS patients choose hospitals through local libraries

Microsoft office training

Excel 2003 training
Excel 2007 training
Outlook 2003 training
Outlook 2007 training
PowerPoint 2003 training
PowerPoint 2007 training
Word 2003 training
Word 2007 training

Internet resources

Internet explorer 7
Mozilla Firefox

Spam and viruses

McAfee software
Spamjab anti-spam plugin
SpyBot software
Symantec security software



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