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How to run your logbook from a USB stick

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The RCA Logbook

One of the most common subjects discussed on our forums are problems regarding the RCA logbook/HanDbase/PDAs. There is another option, run the logbook from your USB stick! no PDA, no HanDbase and instant reports.

USB memory stick logbook

(adapted from 'How to maintain a logbook')

The PC/Mac logbook programme is a self-contained application that runs entirely from within a folder and does not actually require any components to be installed to the hard drive or system software of the host computer. Both the PC and Mac versions of the logbook work this way, but for those who ‘hot-desk’ between PC and Macintosh computers the RCA Logbook team have prepared a version of the logbook that uses the same data file but has both PC and Mac versions of the database application software already loaded to the same folder, so that it automatically runs on either platform.

Those who use mainly a PC may also want to take advantage of the ‘briefcase’ utility in Windows. Right-click on the desktop to create a briefcase and then drop the logbook folder into it before copying the briefcase to the memory stick. Automatic synchronised backups of the memory stick logbook can then be made every time the device is plugged into the ‘backup’ computer. It is important to remember though that two different copies of the logbook will not be merged during the synchronisation process. The more recently used file will always overwrite the older one.

Click on the 'USB flashdisk' link on the RCA Logbook site.

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